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Promotional custom balls are simple and inexpensive products that businesses can order to hand out at special occasions like marketing events, trade shows, or business meetings. The product is typically given away free of charge for the recipient to keep as a souvenir. Promotional balls may have a logo imprinted on them. Buy custom printed balls at for the highest in quality and the lowest in price. Choose among our collection of Ping Pong Ball, Color Beach Ball, Golf Ball Stress Reliever, Mid-Size Rubber Football, Rubber Baseball, or Mini vinyl soccer ball.

Custom Promotional Balls Imprinted with your Design or Artwork

Instantly create a personalized ball that will impress with your design or artwork. Our Custom promotional balls are a durable and economical way to produce your next marketing tool. With our imprinting machines and high quality acrylic balls, we’ll deliver results that give you significant visibility on the market place!

With our custom promotional balls, you can transform an ordinary item into something special to help get your message across.

Different Types of Custom Balls

Have you ever wondered what the different types of custom balls are? Or how do they differ from normal balls? You're not alone. There's a lot of confusion about the various types of custom balls.

A ball is a sphere or other shape that is typically used as an object with which to play games, particularly sports, and sometimes to deliver physical blows. The design or usage of different types of balls varies widely between different sports and even games within the same sport.

Most balls have a spherical shape, though some are box-shaped, rectangular, cylindrical, or any other shape or form which is suitable for the task. Balls made with unusual materials may be made with a rounded or square cross-section instead.

The history of balls can be traced back to ancient times. Early balls were spherical, but over time they changed into different shapes. It was also made with different materials from animal skins or stones. Even then, there was a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

In ancient times, balls were often used to play many sports and games as far back as 3000 BC in Mesopotamia. Many early balls had no air inside them because they were made from leather. The first recorded use of a ball in any sport may have been in Egypt around 3000 BC.



Personalized Golf Balls 

Every golfer has dreams of their own

golf balls bouncing and rolling perfectly off the tee. And because nothing matches a personalized golf ball, especially not the many different color options available. Personalized Golf Balls some benefits that come with designing your own golf balls to suit your personal tastes and preferences. As well as how to design your own personalized golf ball, we'll also go over the best ideas for personalizing your special one-of-a-kind golf ball.



Custom Sports Balls 

Custom sports balls are a way for people to show their team spirit or company pride in a more creative way than just wearing a shirt. They can be used as promotional items or giveaways, and they are also perfect as incentives for teamwork or healthy competition.

This post will give you the tips and tricks to create custom sports balls that look professional and make your clients happy! It includes lots of pictures so you can see some examples before starting on your own.

Promotional Rubber Baseball

Multiple companies and advertisements have adopted the concept of promotional rubber baseballs as marketing objects to liven up their advertising venues. Started in 2005, the idea was to create a product that would hold memories and feelings associated with the experience of playing a game of baseball, but without the cost or risk associated with starting a league team or investing money into an actual ballpark.

Promo Soccer Balls

Promo Soccer Balls is a promotional company that offers soccer balls to businesses, organizations, and individuals who would like to use soccer balls as a promotional item.

A variety of soccer balls are available for purchase. The promo soccer ball is manufactured with the following features: 

  1. 100% polyester yarn
  1. Solid colors
  1. Embroidered logos/branding on the ball sleeves/backside in 4-color process printing.
  1. Ball logo or other artwork printed on the front of the ball.
  1. A packet of 2-3 extra brand colored panel inserts & 1-2 additional solid panels for repositioning if needed.
  1. Solid panels (set of 12) that can be placed inside the ball to create a unique look.


Custom Ball Stress Reliever

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. So what do you do about it? You find ways to relieve it. For many people, this means turning to relaxing hobbies or exercise, but for others, there’s no greater relief than taking down that energy by running their fists into a stress ball.

The custom ball stress reliever is perfect for such purposes — and its texturized design ensures that you can always keep your grip on the ball while keeping tensions high.


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