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If you are searching for an exclusive personalized promotional gift then you can look at the plenty of options for the custom ashtrays below. Selecting the gift for the family, friends, employees, and business clients is not always easy. We believe that every person deserves a unique gift, and if the person receives the custom gift with their name, pictures, personalized message, and logo of course, then it’s like the cherry on top. With several years of experience, our team exactly knows the need for the placement of your personalization and branding. Promotional products are not only the way to make any gift unique with personalization but it's also a good way to increase brand visibility, it gives your company an identity and goodwill in the market. A decent personalized cigar ashtray can be a striking decorative piece to a center table or coffee table. But when it comes to the choice and budget then you can blindly trust us and our choices. At Promotional Product Inc. we have ashtrays in so many different varieties, from the very affordable to classic and elegant crystal cigar ashtrays. If you still can't find any extra-ordinary ashtrays to promote your brand, don't hesitate to contact us, we will go beyond our limits to get you the promotional products you need.

Personalized ashtray for your brand promotion

Many businesses don't agree on giving a promotional ashtray for brand promotion. But if you are still looking all over to find the unusual corporate gifts with some sense of class, ashtrays and other smoke-related accessories are prone to come under that category these days.

 If you are associated with the business verticals like PUBs, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, casinos, and the industries related to tobacco and accessories, then the person receiving this ashtray as a gift knows its importance. A custom glass ashtray is a practical and stylish gift that gets well accepted. The best thing about our personalized ashtray is that you can give these ashtrays for any occasion like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and promotions. A simple plain ashtray may not be impactful but a cut glass, crystal ashtray customized with a personal note is considered a thoughtful gift. Check out our range of personalized ashtray or design your own custom ashtray today!

What makes a promotional ashtray such an effective gift?

With the facility to create your own custom ashtrays, you can share with us personalized messages, pictures, and logos that you would like us to print or engrave on your ashtray. In addition, there are various reasons why engraved or printed glass custom ashtrays can be a great choice for corporate gifts and brand promotions.

Durable - Ashtrays can be manufactured with various and non-breakable materials, but glass and ceramic ashtrays are the most preferred and popular among other materials due to their looks and luxury feel. These glass ashtrays are made of strong and thick glass which cannot break easily unless someone forcibly throws them away. They are not easily affected by the environment. If you engrave your logo on them then it does not easily wear off and you can enjoy them for many years.

Affordable - Affordable prices are needed for exceptional promotional gifts and corporate giveaways if they are to provide a satisfactory return on investment. Our engraved custom glass ashtrays certainly get through this point as they are available at an affordable price and attractive wholesale price when purchased in bulk. Please do not hesitate to call and speak to our team for any queries and get the best deals on your order today!


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