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Put your company branding plans in the driver’s seat with our promotional keychains! Our custom key tags come in many different varieties. We offer custom engraved keychains, personalized dog tag keychains, boat-friendly custom floating keychains, fun promotional novelty keychains, adorably cute stuffed animal keychains, and handy promotional led-flashlight-keychain.

What are Keychains?

Keychains are the small metal name tags that you often see hanging from a set of keys. They are a relatively recent invention dating back to 1901, when they were created in Oregon, USA by inventor W.H. Bingham and patented under the name Auto-ID Tags.

Keychains typically feature an oval-shaped space for engraving or embossing both initials and a name or other information such as contact details or a company logo.

Promotional Keychains Printed with Personalized Logo 

Custom keychains printed with a personalized logo are a perfect promotional item for any company. Keychains are small and light, so they don't cost much to ship or transport, plus many customers like to wear them around their necks or keep them in their pockets. They are easy to give away at trade shows and conferences, and the low price point means you will get more bang for your buck than with other promotional items.


Many companies design

personalized keychains, and many more companies have already done so. The number of promotional products that are available to designers and clients is growing to help meet the needs of our customers. No matter what type of promotional item you need, you can search the internet for websites that offer custom printed promotional products or custom printed keychains.

When you use customized promotional keychains as part of your marketing plan, you are more likely to build customer loyalty that will help promote other products and services in the future.

Custom Promotional Keychains Imprinted with your Design or Artwork

Keychains are a great promotional giveaway for any type of business or organization. They're affordable, they fit in your pocket, and they can be used by kids and adults alike.

We offer custom imprinted keychains that are perfect for promoting your business. For just $5 per dozen you get to create your own design on our template then apply it to the keychain with vinyl graphics.

From there you can add a variety of color imprints and options to create a unique looking promotional keychain that's sure to stand out.

Promotional Keychains are a great way for businesses to give away something useful while creating lasting brand recognition.

Here are some of the reasons why promotional keychains make great gifts: Quality With your custom design, special event or logo, these custom keychains will be an important part of your promotion. And because they're made to be used, recipients will keep them on hand and see your message every day.

Best Promotional Keychains, Custom Key Fobs & Personalized Key Holders

If you’re looking for the best promotional keychains, custom key fobs or personalized key holders, you’ve come to the right place! We are a promotional item distributor that offers these and many more custom-made keychains to help your business stand out.

We offer high quality and eco-friendly products that provide both practicality and convenience for anyone in need of an everyday carry. Our wide variety of custom designs include wooden keychains, silicone key tags, slotted metal door hangers, card wallets, stylized vinyl decals and many others.

We pride ourselves on providing a quick, easy and hassle-free shopping experience to our clients. All our custom keychains are made with extensive research and experience in order to guarantee top quality merchandise that will be durable, stylish and affordable. We offer a wide variety of functional products that are convenient, stylish and eco-friendly to help you promote your business as effectively as possible.

Custom Engraved Keychains

Every major and minor event in your life deserves to be highlighted with a custom engraved keychain. Personalize the keychain by choosing a design that represents the theme of your event. These wonderful engravings are ready to bring back memories of something special.



Custom Imprinted High Tech Keychains 


It's a great promotional product you can hand out to your customers, or keep for yourself! We offer a variety of products from keychains, to luggage tags. We have some in stock and can produce others with custom logos and names. These custom functional keychains serve several purposes. 

They are a useful tool to identify your keys, as well as an item for people to connect with you when they see them on the street. Packed with high tech features such as a flashlight and alarm, these promotional keychains are practical and fun!

No matter what kind of business you have there is a great chance that our custom imprinted high tech keychains will suit your needs.



Promotional Bottle Opener Keychains from Quality Logo Products

Do you need promotional bottle opener keychains? When your customers open their favorite beverage, they won't just be enjoying the refreshing taste. They will also be reminded of your company and what can only be described as a marketing opportunity. And the best part is that this promotional idea is budget-friendly and easy to do.



Promotional LED Key Tags

Key tags are a cheap and easy way to promote your brand and have some fun with your new logo. They're also an effective way to stand out from the masses. As mobile devices become more popular, there's never been a better time to enter the promotional LED keychain market.



Promotional Multi Tool Keychains

Did you know that promotional multi tool keychains are a great giveaway for trade show giveaways, promotional events, and more? Check out our selection of various styles below.

What is a promotional multi tool keychain? A promotional multi tool keychain is a small device with different functions such as a hex wrench (for fixing screws), ballpoint pen (for signing important papers), pocket knife, and more! These little devices could be your new best friend — just be sure to order them in advance because they take time to produce.



Personalized Keychains

If you're looking for a small idea to make someone's day, consider this inexpensive way of creating a personalized gift- just write their name on an adhesive sticker and stick it to the back of the keychain. This is a great present for anyone who loves cars, trains, airplanes- anything that has keys!

The cost for this project is only about $2.00 depending on what supplies you have at home already. You can find adhesive stickers pretty much anywhere nowadays and they're easy to use.



Custom Imprinted Screwdriver 

Keychains are perfect for any event. We can customize these screwdrivers keychains with your logo or company name and give them out during trade shows, conventions, corporate gatherings or as an employee appreciation gift. Our promotional screwdriver keychains are a great way to convey your brand to others and build the relationship between you and potential clients.

We will personally customize these custom imprinted screwdriver keychains with your logo or company name giving them a very personal touch which will do wonders for brand awareness.



Personalized Stuffed Animal Keychains 

When your child comes home from school with a note that says they have been bullied, it can be an extremely difficult, overwhelming and confusing time. To help ease the burden and give you some peace of mind as you figure out what to do next, consider ordering a personalized stuffed animal keychain from

With this company's unique gift selection, we are able to custom-make any toy your child needs in order to gain some support and relief.

Whistle & Safety Keychains

Next up is our family of whistle keychains and safety keychains. The whistle keychains let you keep your hands free to help with the task at hand, while the safety keychains attach to anything and can be used for emergencies.

The whistles are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, construction workers, or anyone needing something more than their voice to send a signal. The custom safety keychain is designed for a twist-to-function function that will flip the Latch Lock Button when you need it most.



Custom Logo Imprinted Floating Keychains

We carry all of the best floating keychains for boats or for anyone who loves boating! We carry boat themed keychains and keychain charms so you can choose something that is perfect for you.

This is the place to find a magical floating keychain or charm as well as everything that goes with it. Find a new floating keychain or charm from our store, with free shipping and affordable prices. The fins are durable and float on water, this makes your favorite Floating Keyicle even more fun


Promotional Novelty Keychains

A promotional novelty keychains are fanciful gifts that are mostly used as an advertising medium and can be customized to suit the outlook of your business or company. These whimsical carabiners, made from a wide range of colorful materials, will help spread brand awareness and make a lasting impression on potential customers with their fun design.



Personalized Dog Tag Keychains


"Personalized Dog Tag Keychains - Choose from Four Different Colors" 


Dog tags are a classic military keepsake and these keychains are the perfect personal addition for your keys. Choose from a variety of colors, charms, and fonts to create the perfect tag that matches your personality.

Promotional Flashlight Keychains

No More Nighttime Wandering. Promotional flashlight keychains make it easy to find your keys in the dark after you lock yourself out. Not only are they an affordable self-promotional gift, but they can be a great way to light up a night out with friends or a romantic dinner with your significant other while preserving battery life.



Custom Carabiner Key Holders

For those who need to have their keys close-by when they're working out, but not in sight, these carabiners are perfect. They attach to a key ring and hold on tight so you never lose them again. Contoured to fit comfortably in your hand.

Custom Imprinted Keychain Materials

In the world of custom printed keychains, it is hard to find something that sets you apart from your competitors. You don't have to worry about this with our personalized keychain imprints. We offer a wide variety of promotional items and custom gifts for customers who are looking for a one-of-a kind item. Our company offers solutions for educators, medical professionals, law enforcement officers, military members and anyone else who needs a promotion or gift in their line of work.

We have many options for custom imprinting on keychains. You can choose from micro-perforated, 2-perforated, or stitched label keychain materials. The most popular items are the engraved keychain materials where a personal message is engraved on your logo. These types of imprinted items are perfect for the promotional gifts industry.

Most of our material choices can be personalized with a laser engraving process that is specific to your company logo or other design elements that you may have chosen to promote.

Personalized Shirt Buckle Materials

If you are looking for a unique promotional item, personalized shirt buckle materials is an option that allows you to stand out from your competition. Our customers love to see their logo on a buckled item, as it reminds them of the company that supplies their business needs. We also offer personalized leather keychains that people can use on a daily basis, because they are easy to put on and take off.

Sew-N-Spot Keychains

Our Sew-N-Spot products are created with a unique custom printing process that allows for a more professional look than other methods. The process uses snap together fleece that has a special adhesive backing so you can choose what color and design of logo or text you want to put on the keychain. The applique is sewn on using a needle in the snap together fleece, so it looks as if it were sewn on.

Laser Engraved Keychain Materials

For the most professional look, you can choose to have your logo engraved onto a metal or wood keychain. We offer a large variety of materials that you can choose from. Because our products are laser engraved, you can be assured that your logo will not wear off over time. The logos and names are engraved into the material so it will not rub off with everyday use of your promotional item.

We also offer engraved business card holder materials that allow you to put the logo and information of your company onto card stock. This is a unique promotional product that is made just for you, which makes it stand out from the competition.

Stitched Imprinted Keychain Materials

The stitched imprinted keychain material has a perforated seam with an adhesive backing on each end of the perforation.

Acrylic Key Holder 

With a little bit of time, some spare fabric and a few tools, you can easily make this key holder. Customize it to your liking by changing the colors of the fabric or adding an applique design, and allow your guests to leave you some extra change with their keys when they're done partying all night long.



Metal Plated Keychains

In today's society, a keychain is just another item in the never ending list of things that every day people are expected to carry. This has led to some pretty creative uses for keychains that most of us may not have thought about, but these metal plated keychains are certainly one of them.

These nifty little items come outfitted with a small pouch on them which can hold your phone, USB drive, or even a credit card.

Aluminum Key Holder

Key holders for all your keys that you can store in your office or room. A great alternative to traditional metal key rings.

Wooden Keychain

Inexpensive and simple key holder / key hanger. You can hang it to your belt loop, or use the metal hooks to hang it on your wall or under a cabinet.



ABS Plastic keychain with metal clasp

ABS Plastic keychain with metal clasp provides a long lasting, durable and dependable promotional item that exemplifies your corporate image. ABS Plastic keychain with metal clasp is a great way to continuously increase your branding exposure while simultaneously strengthening customer loyalty. These custom printed promotional keychains come in a variety of sizes and shapes for your promotional needs.



Custom Key Fobs

If you are a person with a lot of keys, it can be hard to find the key you want to use in the morning when you're running late. Key chains often end up with many excess keys that are not used. Custom key fobs can help solve this problem by consolidating all of your keys into one convenient device that easily clips onto your belt loop or hangs off your pocket.

Custom key fobs can be used to hold your everyday keys, as well as specialty keys for home alarm systems, car ignitions and bike locks. Many custom key fobs are made from metal so they last longer and fit securely onto belt loops or bags. Custom key fobs may also be engraved with any type of art you would like to display on them, or left blank if you prefer a simpler design.

Check out the other categories we deal in to promote your brand with custom scarves & apparel, promotional lighters, personalized bar stools, combs, sunglasses, and many more.

Call us or visit our website to order your own custom printed promotional products and branding giveaway items with your company logo or personalized message at Promotional Products Inc.