Promotional Skateboards / Branded Skateboards

Whether you are looking for a promotional item for a corporate event or want to raise brand awareness, promotional skateboards and longboards are a great option. They are unique, eye-catching and most importantly, they offer a fun way to get around town. For businesses, promotional skateboards and longboards offer an excellent way to reach out to potential customers. By imprinting your company logo or design on the boards, you can ensure that your brand will be seen by many people. This is an ideal way to promote your business at trade shows or other events where large crowds are present. Promotional skateboards and longboards also make great gifts for employees or clients. They are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gift and will enjoy using it on their daily commute or during their free time. If you are looking for a promotional item that is both functional and stylish, look no further than promotional skateboards and longboards from Promotional Product Inc.

We Make Ordering Personalized Skateboards in Bulk Easy

Whether you're looking for promotional skateboards to give away at your next event, or personalized skateboards for your upcoming birthday party, we have the most cost-effective solution. We offer competitive pricing with bulk discounts for orders of 10+ boards. And if you need a custom design on your board order, no worries! We can take care of that too with our in-house graphic designer.

Just take a look around our site and see if anything catches your eye; we've got some great designs throughout all of our categories. If you like what you see, simply upload your logo or graphics today to get started. It's that easy!


Our Skateboards are Fully Customizable

Get Your Logo On A Customized Skateboard For A Low Price!

Have your brand is seen by thousands of people at events, galas, parties, and more with one of our skateboards. Combine high-quality construction with premium grip tape and vibrant colors to make your custom skateboard stand out in a crowd. These customizable products are an excellent way to promote your brand in a unique and memorable way. To make this even easier, we offer the ability to customize any of our products from our website, creating your very own skateboard from scratch.

How To Use Promotional Skateboards in Advertising?

Promotional skateboards are often used by companies in order to get their name out there. They are usually given away at special events or handed out to the public, but they also might be used for advertising purposes. Skateboard advertising is not just something reserved for extreme sports companies anymore; it’s become more common in everyday life with successful campaigns by brands like Coca-Cola and Virgin Media. Here’s a look at how companies have used skateboards in advertising.

Multiple board shapes and sizes. Skateboard decks usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but some companies will specialize in a particular shape for a certain product they’re selling. For example, the brand Sugar Cane specializes in making skateboards with sugar cane decks for their products.


Custom & Personalized Printed Skateboards Designed by You!

Promotional Skateboards - A skateboard is the perfect promotional item! Whether it's for an event, company, or charity, Promotional skateboards are a cheap and easy way to promote your brand.

Fully Customizable & Printable Skateboards in Bulk - Our fully customizable skateboards are made in bulk with all of the pieces you need to assemble. Choose your deck, wheels, trucks, grip tape, and hardware to make the perfect skateboard.

Personalized Skateboards - Give the gift of a personalized skateboard this holiday season! Design your own all-over print board with our easy-to-use design tool. Choose from vintage designs or upload your own custom graphic!

Skateboard Decks - Browse our selection of decks for any style. We carry 7-ply and 9-ply options in both standard and cruiser shapes, each is available in a variety of color selections.

Skateboard Wheels - Decide on the size and shape of your wheel with our selection of skateboard wheels. Our wheels are produced in a wide assortment of colors and styles to suit any personal style.

Skateboard Trucks - Choose from our selection of trucks to complete your brand new skateboard. We offer standard and drop-through options as well as a variety of colors to ensure your skateboard stands out from the others.



Why are we the #1 source to order Custom Printed Skateboards & Promotional Skateboards?

We understand the importance of customer service and we do not hesitate to go the extra mile for our customers. Our team is always available with help and support, and our certified designers will make sure that your project comes out as intended. Best of all, we're here to help you save time and money! Our exclusive print options allow you to receive fully customized products at wholesale prices.


Below are some additional benefits Promotional Product Inc. offers to every customer

Bulk Wholesale Discount: 

All of our products are sold in bulk at the lowest prices with no minimum order! We have a Cost-effective, Fast, and Hassle-Free Ordering Process: In just a few simple steps, you can place your order and we will send you a proof in 24 hours. With the help of our 24/7 online tracking system, we can inform you about the status of your project and ensure that it meets your deadline and specifications.

Flexible In-House Design:

Our team of designers has mastered the art of creating unique and unique designs that work for your business or organization. We can create concepts that you can patent for future use.

The Executive Board of Promotional Skateboards & Promotional Products Inc. will design your print project exactly to your specifications so it will be 100% accurate with all details and symbols.

Free visual proof with every order:

Our designers will send you mock-ups of how your design will look before it is printed. We make sure to match our custom skateboards designs to your company's needs and needs.



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