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Best deals on custom promotional products

Best deals on custom promotional products

Need help? Call Us: +(888)212-5501

Need help? Call Us: +(888)212-5501


Our easy sample policy:

PPI provides free samples so our customer can make the right choice before they make a larger purchase. Having the product in your hands will secure your purchase choice. You can also share your product sample with your fellow colleagues for their personal input. We only provide samples for business promotional needs only. A business address will be required. Samples are not intended for personal use.

How do I request a sample?

  1. We provide samples at no charge for items that have a unit price of less than $10. Any samples over $10, are required to be purchased at 1 unit value plus ground shipping. Samples will not ship unless full payment is received.

  2. Although samples are free, we require a UPS or FEDEX shipper account number to cover shipping charges. If there is a charge for the product sample requested, we will notify you before proceeding with your request.

  3. All shipping charges must be covered by the customer via their UPS or FEDEX shipper account or by providing a secured credit card payment. If you do not have a shipping account number, there is a flat shipping fee of $7.50 for ground shipping. Depending upon the item sample requested, the flat rate fee may increase depending upon the weight of the item. Flat shipping rates can range from a minimum of $9.00 to a maximum charge of $40.00. Your sample will be shipped via UPS or FEDEX. Please note, this fee is only for 1 sample. The shipping charge may increase if additional samples are requested.

d)In the case where our warehouse shipping the sample(s) utilizes the United States Postal Service as a preferred shipping vendor, we will ship your sample for FREE via USPS (no tracking will be provided).

  1. Once your order has been placed, we will credit your order for the flat shipping rate charges.

  2. All samples will be shipped via ground service unless otherwise indicated.

  3. Samples may be of random imprint and color based upon availability. Requested colors, style, imprint cannot be guaranteed.

  4. Samples may not be returned.

i)Samples usually arrive within 5-7 business days. If you require expedited shipping, charges will apply.

  1. We only ship samples within the United States & Canada. Samples shipped to Canada, Alaska & Hawaii require a FedEx or UPS shipper account number.

  2. Limit 3 free samples to each customer/company. Any additional requested samples will require the customer's UPS or FedEx shipper account number. Any samples over $10, are required to be purchased at 1 unit value plus ground shipping.