What artwork files are accepted?

The most common obstacle in printing a logo on an item is artwork that has been created or submitted at low resolutions. You can always make a large image smaller without losing quality; rarely can you make a small image larger, without losing quality or causing pixelation (rough edges). Please remember if your artwork is not in the required format, our art department will work with you to fix it.

Image Programs in Order of Preference:

  1. Adobe Illustrator ® (saved as vector art) or Adobe Photoshop® (.eps format) (Adobe Photoshop .eps files are not in vector form)
  2. Corel Draw® * IBM-PC only (all text converted to "curves" and file exported to "Adobe Illustrator EPS" format)
  3. Macromedia Freehand® (All text must be converted to "curves" and file exported to "Adobe Illustrator EPS" format)
  4. Other Programs - Save artwork as vector in .eps format (please convert them to adobe compatible formats).

Fonts: When using a special font, it is critical that you include the font type when sending your artwork. You may select the font by finding it in your font directory and saving it to your desktop, then attach it with your artwork when sending. If you use the Style palette to modify your font, it must be converted to outlines, or saved as a rasterized flat layer image. Fonts need to be outlined in your artwork.

Unique Fonts: We have many fonts installed in our system that we are able to use upon request. If we do not carry the specific font you like, please email the copy of the font to us.

Common Problems: Listed below are the most common challenges we have with customer artwork files.

  1. File Size: In order for images to run through the printing process, images must be at least 600 dpi (dots per inch). Small images must be recreated in order to be accepted by the printing process. Please send your size requirements, and send the image in the exact size of how you would like it printed.
  2. Color Correction: Please follow standard Pantone conventions to avoid any extra charges. There is a Pantone color chart available on our site. Also review our Requirements for Color Separations and Camera-Ready Art.
  3. Font Substitution: For files that are submitted without compatible Macintosh fonts, "create outlines" or set text to" curves" on all text in your files
  4. Mode Change in Photoshop: RGB to CMYK, Indexed Color to CMYK, etc. Please, DO NOT submit files in Indexed Color or files that have been compressed.
  5. Font Style Palette Corrections: All fonts must be submitted to us in their "plain" form. Stylization within the palette does not hold through our image setter.
  6. Extending Bleeds: If "redrawing" is needed to make the graphic bleed properly, additional charges will need to be assessed (to be determined).
  7. Resizing Graphic: Please send all graphics sized at 100%.

What if I don't have the artwork in the right format?

Our art department will work with you to get the most of your logo and imprint. We provide FREE-1 hour artwork service for orders. More than 1 artwork conversion per order will be charged accordingly. Our regular artwork charges are $30 per hour. Our FREE artwork conversion services is provided for artwork that will not take more than 30 minutes to convert. We will inform you if additional charges will apply.

What is artwork?

Artwork is a file that contains your company logo or text that you would like imprinted on a product. Artwork can be just a text, graphic or both.

What is a typeset?

When you don't have a logo and just want to imprint text on the product, our graphic artist will have to typeset it. Please specify the font type in this case. Some items do incur a typset fee. This will be included within your order.

For more information please visit: Vector graphics - Wikipedia

What is vector art?

This is art created in a vector-based program. Vector art consists of creating paths and points in a program such as Illustrator or Freehand. The program keeps track of the relationships between these points and paths. Vectors are any scalable objects that keep their proportions and quality when sized up or down. They are defined as solid objects. Vector art is great because the lines stay crisp at any scale.

Where can I email my artwork?

You may email your artwork files to Please DO NOT forget to include the quote or order number. Artwork files can be uploaded during the quote and order process online as well.